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Causes of Hearing Loss

Although age (presbyacusis) is considered to be one of the primary causes for hearing loss this is not necessarily always the case Read More

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Leading local family run hearing centre in Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & Kent

Advice worth hearing
We all know how important our hearing is, and Sound Advice Hearing is here to assist you with all your hearing needs.  We have six full-time hearing centres in King’s Lynn, Horncastle, Norwich, Lincoln, Market Deeping and Beckenham, plus a number of day centers across the East of England and Surrey .

Whether you are looking for a free hearing test, a more comprehensive diagnostic test, or information about hearing loss, hearing aids, tinnitus or hearing protection, then Sound Advice Hearing offers a friendly and professional service to assist you.  We also offer a range of wax removal services (being the first private audiology centre in the East of England to do so) and stock a wide range of hearing aid accessories and related products.

We have just invested in some new ‘state of the art’ testing equipment, enabling us to provide some of the most sophisticated and in depth testing in the area. All of our hearing centres are now able to provide as well as our ‘free’ hearing test – a full clinical diagnostic test to include:

  • Extended Frequency range testing – to test all of your hearing spectrum
  • Video Otoscopy – a video look in the ear canal
  • Tympanometry – a test to measure the function of the middle ear
  • Tinnitus Assessment – psychoacoustical tests like pitch & loudness matching
  • Speech testing
  • Speech in noise testing – an important test as that is where most people have hearing difficulties

If you have hearing aids from elsewhere, we are more than happy to give you advice on these, and we can also provide an on- going, after-care package to suit you.


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FREE Assessment, FREE Trial

Sound Advice Hearing Centre is a private and independent family run business.

Our Audiology team can proudly offer over 120 years of experience within the private audiology field. Our centres are equipped with some of the most sophisticated testing equipment in the area.  We offer free hearing assessments and provide free independent and impartial advice.

Moreover, we can provide a free hearing aid trial with no obligation, which provides a fantastic try before you buy experience.

So, if you would like some sound advice or to book a free assessment, then contact your local branch.


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Here to help you to hear better

Since our inception in 2004, we are celebrating our 12th year as a leading local private hearing centre business.

Through our various centres, we are able to provide comprehensive and friendly hearing care, tinnitus advice and aftercare which is second to none.

We are different to a lot of other hearing companies, in that we are happy to provide free impartial Sound Advice and we specialise in ‘just’ hearing.



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Do I need a hearing test?

Typical Indicators Include:

● People appear to mumble
● Asking people to repeat themselves.
● The television is louder for you compared to others.
● Misunderstanding conversation, saying Yes when it should be No.
● You hear people talking but can’t always make out what they are saying.
● You find it harder to hear in background noise, such as a car, restaurant, family gathering etc.
● You start to watch peoples lips more closely to understand what they are saying.
● You struggle to hear soft speech or someone talking from another room.
● Problems hearing clearly on the phone.
● You start to limit or avoid social activities.

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