Horncastle in Lincolnshire was the first practise to be opened in 2004 and is now a well-established Hearing Care Centre.  Our resident Audiologist there is Brian Carmichael who has been in the Industry for over 20 years.

With his last Company Brian was a senior Audiologist and spent time in management and as a Senior Trainer.  He provides the Company with a vast wealth of experience and knowledge and along with Tracy Melligan our full time receptionist, who helps provide invaluable support and back up for Brian, makes for an excellent  professional and friendly team.

Brian Carmichael Horncastle
Brian Carmichael
Tracy Melligan
 King’s Lynn

King’s Lynn was the second centre to be opened in 2010. Paul and his wife Anne-Marie took on this new venture with the vision of opening the only local Independent Hearing Centre in the area.  After now becoming well established, the Centre has  two part time receptionists – Karen White & Sharon Whiting who offer invaluable support and back up to our resident Audiologist Anne Scott-Wilson. Together they make a superb team offering guidance and advice that is second to none.

Anne brings with her a plethora of experience, having initially started her career with Boots Hearing Care some 16 years ago. Whilst there she held a senior management position and was also the Company’s Clinical Auditor.

More recently, Anne has worked as a senior Audiologist for Bloom Hearing and underwent training to become an expert in Micro Suction at Blackburn Hospital.

Anne Scott-Wilson
Karen White
Sharon Whiting



In February 2013 the opportunity came along to acquire an existing hearing aid business in Norwich.  The outgoing owners wanted to ensure that their patients continued to receive a high level of independent patient care and attention, so contacted ourselves, safe in the knowledge that this would continue.  We can happily say that there has been a smooth transition helped by the excellent support of our receptionist – Carol Bennett.  Carol now works part time alongside  Kay Mickleburgh and together they provide an excellent professional/personable support team for our resident Audiologist.

During the early days we were sad to hear the news that Haydn Perrett, a long established Audiologist in the East Anglia area decided to retire due to ill health.  Once again our reputation went before us and Haydn and his family happily approached us to take on and care for his patients with the same exemplary service that he has offered for many years.

Our resident Audiologist in Norwich is Lorraine Tipler.  Again, Lorraine brings with her over 10 years of experience and her wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of Audiology, Clinical Ear Care and Tinnitus are a valuable asset to ourselves.  Lorraine previously worked for one of the national  hearing aid companies and more recently ran her own private hearing care Company in Lincoln (Hearing Help Ltd).

Lorraine Tipler Norwich Branch
Lorraine Tipler
Carol Bennett Norwich
Carol Bennett
Kay Mickleburgh Norwich Centre
Kay Mickleburgh



In May 2014 we decided to open another hearing centre in Peterborough. This was chosen so that we could provide a comprehensive hearing care service throughout the East of England.  We have two part time  receptionists here  – Jane Fensom and Jane Edmonds who together provide an  excellent professional support and friendly back up service to our resident Audiologist – Simon Whipday.  Simon has over 20 years experience within the Hearing Industry and has recently joined us from one of the national hearing aid companies.  He has an abundance of experience in the field of Audiology and also hearing aid manufacturing.  Simon is also a Clinical Ear Care Specialist.

Occasional Audiology and Clinical Ear Care support is provided by Paul Scigala and Anne Scott-Wilson.

Simon Whipday
Jane Fensom Peterborough Branch
Jane Fensom
Jane Edmonds


In August  2015 we had the opportunity to acquire another private independent Hearing Healthcare Company – Hearing Help Ltd.  As part of the acquisition, Hearing Help’s experienced Audiologist Lorraine Tipler joined us, but she has now moved to our Norwich Centre.  We have subsequently recruited Simon Whipday, a very experienced Audiologist with over 20 years experience within the Hearing Industry.  He has an abundance of experience and specialist knowledge in the field of Audiology and also hearing aid manufacturing.  Simon is also a Clinical Ear Care Specialist and he is supported by two excellent part time Receptionists – Katrina Bullimore and Jacky Houltby who provide invaluable support and assistance.

We relocated to new premises in December 2015 and are now situated on the High Street ( a few hundred yards down from Argos, next door to Flames).

Simon Whipday
Jacky Houltby
Jacky Houltby
Katrina Bullimore

Washingborough, Lincoln

Our new administration office has recently moved from Heighington to Washingborough.  Paul Scigala BSc RHAD FSHAA provides back up and support to all our Hearing Care Centres along with his wife Anne-Marie Scigala .  Angie Driver is the company’s ‘General Manager’ overseeing the day to day management of all our Hearing Care Centres.

Paul is also a very experienced Audiologist and has been in the profession for over 20 years and was one of a small group chosen by the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA)  to be trained as a Clinical Ear Care Practitioner, and then to go on and become a BSHAA Registered Clinical Ear Care Trainer for other Hearing Care Professionals within the Industry.

As a Clinical Ear Care Practitioner Paul is qualified and very experienced in Ear Wax removal and holds regular clinics in Washingborough for:

  • Irrigation
  • Instrumentation
  • Micro-Suction
  • Endoscopic ear wax removal (approved CLEARWAX ear wax removal specialist, being ENT-trained)

Our resident dog  – Willow has been part of the team since she was born and she loves to make as many friends as possible and is never seen without her ball!

Paul Scigala
Anne-Marie Scigala
Angie Driver
Beckenham    – Formerly  langley-logo-19-8-16

In August 2016 we had another opportunity to acquire an existing  Independent Hearing Healthcare business in Beckenham, Kent – ‘Langley Audiology Centre’.  The resident Audiologist is Mr. Bev Allen RHAD FSHAA, who has over 55 years experience in the Hearing Aid Industry. Bev is a respected international speaker on the Management of Tinnitus and an advisor to the Hearing Conservation Council (HCC), a UK charity which works in various countries around the world to assist in the training of ENT and Audiology.

Bev is joined by Paula Messenger, who provides a friendly/professional back up service to Bev looks after the day to day running of the Centre alongside the Reception and Diary Management.

We have recently changed the name so that it now falls under the same ‘Sound Advice Hearing‘ brand name as all our other centres.  Nothing will change as a result, apart from a new sign for the centre and new stationary.  Everything else will continue the same, but it will enable us to manage things more efficiently and of course we will  continue with same high level of professionalism and service that all of patients have become accustomed to.

Bev Allen Langley Audiology branch
Bev Allen
Paula Messenger