Hear, what our customers have to say about Sound Advice Hearing:

For many years now we have been helping those who are hard of hearing to hear better and to improve communication with their loved ones.  And to improve their quality of lives and ultimately of those around them as well. It’s our goal to enable more and more people hear, so that the world can be a better place for them.  After all, everyone deserves to hear better.

Read through the testimonials of our many satisfied customers, and see what they have
to say.


“I wish to thank you for the work which you did to my hearing aids recently.  On the evening of that same day I watched the 10.00pm news on television and using the ‘all round’ sound was able to hear virtually every word.  This is the first time I have been able to do that for longer than I can remember.  I find the combination of the all round sound set at a higher volume than the straight ahead ideal. The all round sound is excellent I find for every day use, especially in supermarkets, with the option of switching to straight ahead for a close conversation very useful.”
Mr J Carne

“Many thanks, I can now hear properly again.”
Mr E Hopkin

“I just want to tell you that I am very happy with my ‘Phonak ‘ hearing aid.  I have had a great trial time and find life has taken on a new meaning.  After so many years of frustration and not being able to enjoy company of family and friends, even with a NHS aid and several other attempts privately, I find myself hearing things I had long given up on.  My first move in the morning is to reach for ‘Phonak’ and the day is better, even on a grey day.  Once again thank you for the great test and all the help and advice you gave me and absolutely “no pressure” to purchase, also the knowledge I can just ring if I need advice or help.”
A Robinson

“A short note expressing my sincere thanks for re-programming my Resound hearing correctors to how I have always wanted them to be.  I have worn them everyday since.”
W Boyd

“Congratulations on the opening of your new premises, having a new hearing centre can only make your services even better than before, if that is possible!  You gave me all the time and patience to choose a new hearing aid, all the understanding that was needed at the difficult time, we shall always be grateful for that.  I can recommend you to anybody who finds themselves in the need of this kind of service.”
Ms. Snelling

“The 60 day trial period on my Centra Life hearing aids is over, so I am writing to thank you for your help and courtesy during the hearing tests and the follow up visits.  I am delighted with the aids and so are all the family.  The difference to my life and to the loves of my family, especially my wife is quite noticeable.  No longer do I need the TV or HiFi on so loud, I do not talk so loud or keep asking what did he/she/they say.  I would certainly recommend Sound Advice Hearing and the Centra Life hearing aids to anyone.  At the end of the two weeks if I had to then decide, I would have handed the aids back.  My family persuaded me to carry on and I was surprised how quickly I became used to wearing them.  I would say to anyone else testing them, don’t try to use the aids all day at first.  Don’t listen to silence.  If you are by yourself, take the aids out. Go for the full 60 days, it doesn’t cost extra.  Towards the end of the trial try two full days without the aids and make sure they are days with all aspects of listening in them.”
J White


“When I came to see you for a digital hearing aid, it was in the hope that it would in some way help, with my severely distressing ailment of Tinnitus which I have suffered constantly for years.  I have been treated for this on the NHS without success.  Initially I was dubious of any success with the new hearing aid, but, I can honestly say that it has been miraculous in my case.  I would and have recommended anyone I come in to contact with that suffers tinnitus, to come to you and try one of your hearing aids.  If it gives them any relief, I know they will be thankful.  My wife and I wish to thank you sincerely for your help and aftercare service.”
B & P Law

“Many thanks for all your care and trouble over my aids, and am pleased to tell you that the new ones are brilliant.”
E Pearson

“I would like to thank you very much for your kind advice and service regarding hearing aids.  I am very pleased and satisfied with my “Phonak” hearing system and delighted with how it masks out the worst of the tinnitus and makes it bearable to the point that I forget about it.”
M Odlin

“Yesterday evening, I went to my first concert since you activated the loop system in my hearing aids.  It was like going to my first ever concert – it was unbelievable! I could hear every individual instrument again after years of mush.  It equates with the difference a cataract replacement makes – so thank you so much for taking the time to stop off to make the adjustments to my “ears”.”
J Hunter