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We provide a range of services to cater for all your hearing needs

Hearing in noise

Whether you are looking for information on the latest hearing aid products or to find out more about the benefits of wax removal, or tinnitus management, Sound Advice Hearing Centres can keep you abreast of all the latest news, technology and advice.

Sound Advice Hearing offers a comprehensive range of services for those experiencing hearing or associated difficulties.  Our highly experienced team of professionals are happy to help with any queries or questions you may have, whether this be about your hearing, advice on new or existing hearing aids, accessories, wax removal or tinnitus.

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All of our centres are easily accessible, based on the ground floor with wheel chair access.  Easy car parking is also nearby.

We are a small local family run business priding ourselves with providing impartial independent advice. If you or a family member is having problems with their hearing then it is important to remain educated and proactive in hearing health

That is why it is important to book a hearing assessment to regularly check your hearing and more importantly not to ignore it.