Special Hearing Open Events – 6th to 17th March!

Special Hearing Open Events – 6th to 17th March!

We are currently running a ‘Special Open Event’ where we are bringing you the latest hearing aid technology available on the market today. As well as the opportunity to have a FREE trial we are offering some amazing not to be missed offers on selected products. Please give your local branch a call to find out more! and ask to have some information about this exciting event sent out to you. Hurry places are limited

Winner of our ‘Win a T.V’ competition in Autumn 2016

Competition Winner Miss Ellen Hickey

During our last open event in October 2016, we held a competition for any patient who purchased a hearing aid during this event (from Sound Advice Hearing or Langley Audiology), the chance to win a 40″ curved smart T.V.

We have pleasure in announcing that the winner was Miss. Ellen Hickey.  Ellen has been a patient for a number of years and provided us with a little testimonial:
"I have been visiting sound advice hearing at Kings Lynn for 6 years now. They have always looked after me so well, ever since the very first appointment they have taken care of Hearing Tests, hearing aids and any problems I may have had.

Recently I was looking to upgrade my hearing aids and Anne helped me with selecting my new GN Resound Lynx 9 RIC aids. I had them on trial for 2 weeks to see how much of a difference they might make.  They were great from day one.

They have been quite life changing for me! Everyone has noticed I have had a remarkable improvement with my hearing during group situations and can hear so much more of the conversations. The functions they have to use with my iPhone are fantastic. When listening to music and TV the sound quality is so much better!

I'm so pleased with Sound Advice and my new hearing aids, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of them to any hearing aid user.  Great service! Great product!"