Sound Advice Hearing are pleased to announce that they are providing Endoscopic Micro Suction in the Lincolnshire area

Sound Advice Hearing are pleased to announce that they are providing Endoscopic Micro Suction in the Lincolnshire area

Paul Scigala BSc Hons RHAD FSHAA is an approved CLEARWAX ear wax removal specialist who has been ENT-trained to perform endoscopic wax removal including E-suction™, to safely clean and clear blocked ears.  E-suction™ gently vacuums ear wax out of the ear under direct vision using our specially developed iCLEARscope™ endoscope. This method of visualising the ear wax with an endoscope whilst removing it was clinically found to be quicker, more comfortable and easier to perform compared to an operating microscope commonly used for micro-suction.

This procedure can be performed without a lengthy waiting period.  This is currently only available at our Washingborough, Lincoln Clinic.  For more information please call: 01522 791188

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Sound Advice Hearing Acquires Langley Audiology Centre in Beckenham


Sound Advice Hearing are pleased to announce that they have recently acquired The Langley Audiology Centre which is located at 531 Upper Elmers End Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 3BF.  They welcome on board Mr. Bev Allen RHAD FSHAA, who has over 55 years experience in the Hearing Aid Industry.  Bev is a respected international speaker on the Management of Tinnitus and an advisor to the Hearing Conservation Council (HCC), a UK charity which works in various countries around the world to assist in the training of ENT and Audiology.

Bev is joined by Liane Marchant, who  looks after the day to day running of the Centre alongside the  Reception and Diary Management.

The Langley Audiology Centre will continue to operate under the same name and continue with same high level of professionalism and service that  all of their patients have become accustomed to.

Staff at Sound Advice Hearing raising money for Charity!

Some of the Sound Advice Hearing Staff are taking part in the 26 Mile Spires & Steeples Challenge on Sunday 16th October.  We would just like to wish them good luck on making a fantastic effort to raise money for two amazing charities – Cancer Research Uk and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Hope the weather remains good for you all.  Rachel Bell, Tracy Melligan, Helen Watt and Anne-Marie Scigala.  If anyone is interested in donating please follow the link below.  Thank you.spires-steeples-challengeSpires & Steeples Challenge

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Special Hearing Open Events 10th to 21st October

We are currently running a ‘Special Open Event’ where we are bringing you the latest hearing aid technology available on the market today.  As well as the opportunity to have a FREE trial we are offering some amazing not to be missed offers on selected products.  Please give your local branch a call to find out more!

 Click here for details