A ‘New’ Hearing aid that pushes the boundaries of Performance!

A ‘New’ Hearing aid that pushes the boundaries of Performance!


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This new hearing aid  pushes the barrier of performance. UNIQUE™ takes digital processing to a new level to capture more sound than any other hearing aid on the market.

A complete overall listening experience

With four A/D converters, UNIQUE can deliver up to 113dB SPL linear input without distortion or artefacts. The noise floor has been lowered to 5dB SPL for an incredible 108 dB input dynamic range. This means users of UNIQUE can not only hear important soft sounds without distortion, but also louder sounds.

Supreme sound quality in any environment

Hearing soft sounds is particularly important for users but even more important is determining which are useful and which are not. UNIQUE is the only hearing aid that ensures important soft sounds are maintained and unwanted soft sounds are removed.

The powerful Soft Level Noise Reduction system reduces the soft sounds users do not want to hear while retaining the audibility of soft speech. And it determines the difference between speech and noise without any compromise in speech intelligibility or comfort.

The best wind noise reduction in the industry

For users to truly enjoy being outdoors, it is essential that that they can hear clearly no matter the conditions. The Wind Noise Attenuation system in UNIQUE provides users with documented improvement in hearing speech and environmental sounds in the presence of wind noise.

Full connectivity

All UNIQUE hearing aids are compatible with our DEX range of communication accessories that provide full connectivity to mobile phones, remote controls, TVs and more.

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